Hot stone massage

Massage therapy with hot stones is a wonderful decadent therapy that is luxurious and an advance practice to add to Swedish body massage and a great addition to aromatherapy massage. Indeed the hot stones, or the cooling marble stones, offer many therapeutic benefits. I have provided combination therapy, in my private clinic, using heated stones with aromatic oils, and I have used heated stones in Reflexology and I have used the heated stones in a way that never required another person to apply them. In this course you will learn the traditional application of heated stones as taught to me, you will also learn about the cooling marble stones and marine stones.

Professional Qualification Diploma in Hot stone massage therapy provides a fully comprehensive course of study. Upon successful completion of course criteria (below) students can apply for a professional diploma and access to professional membership group (international membership) and professional practitioner indemnity insurance (UK and EU member states at present time) those in other locales will need to make enquiries about insurance and regulations pertinent to their location.


Topics covered:​


Introduction to your training provider

History and back ground of stone therapy

Professional standards

Reception, consultation and record keeping

Contra-indications and contra-actions

Anatomy and physiology

Massage techniques

Massage mediums

Equipment and treatment area

Health, safety and security

Demonstrations of hot stone massage

Case studies and practice these