Hopi Ear Candling

A comprehensive, home study course, students learn in their own time, at home.

Hopi Ear Candling is a therapy that is applied to the ears using hollow, lighted candles.  The warmth of the candle helps to relax the ear, and offers many benefits.  Founded in ancient culture, the method of Hopi ear candling practiced today, stems from Egyptian, Roman and Greek times.  The candles are warming and soothing to the ear, and there is a great deal of care required during treatment as a live flame burns; fire health and safety issues must be observed and catered for. 

The therapy includes a brief facial procedure; cleansing the skin and then after the Hopi treatment providing facial massage that helps to drain the sinuses and lymph fluid.  This helps to reduce puffiness to the skin but also relax the mind, ease the body and restore balance.  Ear candling is also know as Thermo Auricular therapy and there are various conditions that are contra-indicated to this method.  In this course the...

Topics covered:​

  1. Introduction to your training provider

  2. Professional standards

  3. Anatomy and physiology

  4. Massage techniques

  5. Massage mediums

  6. History of therapy

  7. Equipment and treatment area

  8. Health, safety and consultation etc

  9. Demonstrations of therapy

  10. Learn about case studies and practice these

  11. Case study - Students require 6 case studies,

    6individual people who receive 1 full treatment a week for 6 consecutive weeks.

  12. In order to receive our qualified therapists certificate you must complete all requisites.