Homeopathy, flower remedies, tissue salts

Three individual courses for information, education and self-use.

Homoeopathic Remedies for Acute conditions

Welcome to this introductory course of homoeopathy for acute/emergency situations. You will learn a brief overview of homoeopathy which provides a foundation to this modality. Homoeopathy is gentle, subtle yet powerful and works on the energy/vibrational levels of being. I do hope you find this course very beneficial and useful and look forward to hearing how you enjoy this course.

Natural and alternative methods of health care and well-being have now been adopted into many communities. Usually there use is sought as people become disillusioned by the allopathic medical system. This course shares with the student homoeopathic remedies for acute conditions and covers the following topics:

About your course instructor

What is homoeopathy?

The difference between homoeopathy and herbalism

Where does homoeopathy stem from?

Homoeopathy’s two levels of care

Principles of healing within Homoeopathy

Homoeopathic profiles

Suggested remedies for Novel Corona Virus 19

Underlying principles for acute prescribing


Kent’s repertory and remedies

Potency and dosing

How to store and take homoeopathic remedies

Contra-indications to homoeopathic remedies

Most useful remedies for your homoeopathic first aid kit

A personal study

Obtaining our certificate

Energy healing with Flower Remedies

Hi and welcome to energy healing with flower remedies, this is a great course for students who are looking to use holistic therapy and energy healing methods to maintain their emotional well-being.   Are you feeling stressed, pressured, burnt out, battle fatigued?  Then these gentle, natural healing remedies could be just what you need.  Using the power of flowers the remedies support the balancing of the brain, body, being.  Restoring your emotions and settling your mind you will be able to find the solutions to many different problems... This provides a broad learning programme covering all bases of Flower essences.

In brief some of the key areas covered in this course are:

  • Dr Edward Bach; history and philosophy

  • Research outcomes into remedies on stress in emergency personnel

  • Jan De Vries and Alfred Vogel.

  • 38 flower remedies and rescue remedy

  • How remedies are made, stored and used

  • Remedies and the chakras

  • Remedies and astrological signs

  • Remedies and specific conditions

  • Consultation and assessment - in brief

  • Flower remedy work; Deborah shares using the remedies to maintain her own emotional well-being and mental health as a way of helping students see how remedies can be tailor blended for personal use.

  • Receive a Udemy certificate of completion.

  • Course Certification

Introduction to Schuessler tissue Salts

I love natural health and well-being that is based upon science and founded in safety.  This course introduces you to Schuessler tissue salts.  The tissue salts are vital to our everyday health and well-being.  First discovered in the 18th century by Dr Schuessler his followers went onto to find additional tissue salts to the original 12 salts.  These salts are necessary for the whole health of the whole being.  Tissue salts are known to be homoeopathic remedy due to the high dilution however they are not so dilute that they are known to contain active substances in small enough dosing to be safe, effective and of benefit. 

This course is informational only and does not qualify you as a Schuessler tissue salt practitioner or Homeopath and does not replace seeking medical assessment, investigation, treatment or referral to another specialist professional, students are responsible for their own health and well-being, no liability is accepted for your use of remedies.

In this course you are going to access various classes that provide a basic foundational grounding in the tissue salts.  This course is provided as a voice over PowerPoint presentation and supportive reading material.  This method aims to support students whose first language is not English but please note this is not a language course.  You will gain lifetime access to these materials, supportive q and a, unlimited and lifetime access. 

This is an introductory class and the following is covered in this course:

  • Introduction to the course

  • Your course instructor

  • Copyright and disclaimer - the legal stuff

  • History and background of the salts

  • What is the difference between tissue salts and minerals?

  • Basic anatomy and physiology of the cell

  • What are tissue salts?

  • How tissue salts work?

  • 12 Individual salts

  • Dietary sources

  • Facial analysis

  • Choosing a remedy, dosage and frequency

  • New section under development - Combination therapy

  • Conclusion