Reiki level 2

Shoden is the starting position for Reiki students .  This is a fully comprehensive course

Reiki level 2


Okuden is the practitioner level for students wanting become a professonal therapist.

Reiki level 3

Shimpinden is the maser teacher level for students wanting to become a master teacher.

Reiki Professional Membership 

Students and Practitioners are invited to apply to join our professional membership group

Level 1


Following on from your free 'Taste of aromatherapy' this course provides a great advancing step in learning to becoming an Aromatherapist.

Level 2


Continuing to grow your learning and understanding of essential oils , learning to make personal products for self-use.

Level 3


Professional diploma qualification Aromatherapy allows you to practice as an Aromatherapist 

British Holistic

Therapy Organisation

Students in training and qualified professional practitioners are invited to apply to join the British Holistic Therapy Organisation


level 1

Your first steps on your learning pathway after our free 1st Steps in Reflexology course.


level 2

Reflexology for couples is the next step on your pathway to professional training.


level 3

Your professional Reflexology course, your final step in your professional develoment...

British Holistic

Therapy Organisation

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Back Massage

level 1

This course introduces the students to body massage and is a requirement of the professional body massage course.

Body Massage

Professional Diploma

This is a professional course that covers all areas required for professional practice. and is a requirement for the hot stone massage therapy course

Hot stone back massage

This course introduces the student to hot stone therapy  and is a requirement of the professional hot stone massage course

Hot stone body massage 

This is a professional course that covers all areas required for professional practice and prerequisites must be fulfilled before enrolling on this course

Indian Head Massage

A professional course of study that is  fully comprehensive, delivered online through multi-media  applications 

Homoeopathy for acute conditions

A comprehensive course that provides a great staring place for budding homeopaths to start into a world of healing naturally

Energy healing with Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach, a renowned  physician, developed this system of natural healing with flower energy

Reiki Chakra Healing Meditations

Healing Naturally with Reiki, meditation, mantra, healing sound frequencies and cymatics

Hopi Ear Candling

This is a comprehensive course of learning and training, with multi-media recorded instructions and demonstration videos.  Like other courses this course can lead to a professional qualification and membership with British  Holistic Therapy organisation

Really easy Yoga 

This course provides really easy and simple yoga practices for all and anyone.  Deborah has used these methods during a time of severe illness arising from mesh injury as part of an holistic approach to her own health care needs

Introduction to Schuessler tissue salts

An introduction to tissue salts gives students an understanding of these vital to health minerals .  This course supplements our homoeopathy and flower remedies courses.

Indian Face Massge

This course is under construction and will be available in June 2020. This will be a professional qualified course of comprehensive learning through online multi-media and e-learning at home. Please check back for access to this great therapy

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