Deborah Casey is a holistic therapist, Reiki Master Teacher with almost 20 years of experience working with the various modalities she shares with you. She graduated from Sunderland College and then continued her education and accomplished her Bachelor of Science degree at Northumbria University.

When not working with private clients directly, Deborah writes and teaches about the various modalities with the souls aim to enable and empower others, whether for personal use or as part of their own professional and personal development.

The courses provided by Deborah, through Calm oasis holistic therapy, are fully comprehensive, have received approval with the IICT, and of value to the student or the lay person who wants to know more and to apply in personal well-being practices. To engage students in their learning the courses include assignments and course work and practice activities.

After decades of hands-on experience, Deborah shares her knowledge with you for your health and well-being with a desire of empowering the learner.

  • Access a fully comprehensive course of study

  • Build your knowledge and confidence in your chosen modality

  • Support your professional development and personal growth

  • Useful for ultimate health and well-being and share with loved ones

  • Enjoy the many benefits of natural holistic therapy


The comprehensive professional diploma courses are approved by the IICT. However to obtain the professional diploma that the IICT accept, students are required to attend in person training. This is a change in the programmes offered by us as the IICT have confirmed their requisites. For the IICT approved diploma certificate other fees are incurred students are encouraged to enquire about these but they do include your professional diploma certificate. We aim to keep these other fees affordable.

Should you choose to upgrade your training and attend in person class you will need to consider travel costs, accommodation if needed and other sundries not covered by us.

Should you decide to join us and learn any of the modalities please note that throughout the courses there are assignments to complete and submit for assessment which ensures that you are meeting learning goals. Should you take this course purely for personal pleasure then you don’t need to complete any of the coursework.

Disclaimer: Please note these courses are provided as is, we are not responsible for any sound, lighting or technical issues that may arise or you experience; these courses have been quality checked by the platform providers and deemed to have passed the checks.

Also we are not medical Dr’s and do not provide medical advice, investigation, treatment or referral to other health specialists. If you believe you have any medical concerns or conditions it is YOUR responsibility to seek qualified professional help and care from a qualified, licensed, health professional.

So if you are eager to learn enrol today and dive into your learning….

And should you decide to attend the in person training I look forward to meeting you at the time."

Topics covered:​

  • Introduction to your training provider

  • Professional standards

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Massage techniques

  • Massage mediums

  • History of therapy

  • Equipment and treatment area

  • Health, safety and consultation etc

  • Demonstrations of therapy

  • Learn about case studies and practice these

  • Case study - due to the courses being for educational purposes only the case study optional students require 6 case studies = 6 clients receive 6 treatments each = 36 hours practical experience.

Why take a course

  • Learn from a seasoned professional and qualified therapist

  • Access to support through the Q and A area of the platform

  • This course is comprehensive and included demonstration videos

  • Learn natural approaches to improve and maintain health and well-being 

  • Share the experience with loved ones, family and friends

  • This course can supplement in person, live training at colleges or institutes

  • The chosen course is a useful aid to in person training

  • Online courses - here