The links above will take you to the Dr Vernon Coleman website posts that are related.  Dr Vernon Coleman shares decades of experience to help people understand the Corona Virus and many issues that have been raised. 


Sadly due to the government silencing the reporters, identified by Eamnon Holmes in discussion with Denise Welsh, these issues are not reported on MSM and not up for debate.

These issues may have entered your own mind, you may have not even considered them and may fully trust the government.  But in any medical treatment consent must be gained, and my own personal experience I've recieved medical treatment that I could not have nor would have consented to - I live with medical injuries.

Best practice gaines patient consent to treatment by giving patients truthful and honest information (I was not given truthful information in relation to medication and medical devices) and so this is where you must begin to expand your own insight and awareness.

This is why I have posted and shared these links so you can begin to learn, in hopes that you can protect yourself and your family.  The links are to works by Dr Coleman who retains copyright.

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