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Deborah Casey
Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Guide
Course creator and Instructor
Many years ago I was stuck.  My son had suffered eczema from early infancy and one day, after matching the morning news he announced he wasn’t having his prescribed creams on his skin.  The reporter had detailed how the creams were found to cause skeletal damage and my son, only about 6 years old at the time understood what he had heard.  As a parent I hadn’t noticed as I was hurrying about getting things prepared for the day ahead and when my son explained what he had heard I was flummoxed.  My son agreed to his bath time emollient because that hadn’t been mentioned in the news report but it bought time.  Enough time to listen to another news report some days later about Aromatherapy. 
My son had also listened and said he wanted to try it.  So we did.  And of the first time in his very young life he began to sleep with greater ease, he was calmer and settled.   His skin became like normal children’s skin, soft and gentle, the weeping sores and excoriated areas soothed and healed.  With relief I sighed and then began my adventure and learning about Aromatherapy.  As a lay person I didn’t realise how much there was to learn, as a qualified professional I am still awed by how much there is still to learn. 
But one thing is for sure I’m so glad I did learn.  And now I have created courses to share with you what I have learned.  There is a free short course and a longer introductory course, there are some diploma level courses BUT there is change afoot as I create a new 3 level learning course that streamlines learning and provided in bite sized bits to make learning and application easy.  And the best thing is after completing your level three learning, passing the criteria and exam you will receive and approved diploma in Aromatherapy which allows you to practice as a qualified therapist in your own clinic.
Aromatherapy courses
There are three levels of learning; beginners, intermediate and advanced.  Students are taken through a progressive pathway of learning knowledge fundamental to aromatherapy and the use and application of essential oils.  Study is incremental to allow students to grasp the concepts within aromatherapy.  Specific criteria are applied to each level. Students who have no background in holistic therapy or those with training are invited to learn this wonderful health and well-being modality.  Click onto the video below and to access our free introductory course click here.  You'll be taken to pricing and plans and just click onto free...
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