This information is vitally important to read BEFORE you book any treatment sessions now or in the future.  Due to the COVID-19 injection being an 'EXPERIEMENTAL TREATMENT' AND it is unknown how this will affect you, or that you may be a 'host and vector of infection' and a potential for spreading of infection, Deborah is unable to receive any client or student who has accepted this experimental treatment till such a time that it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that spreading infection will not happen.  This is because business insurance will not cover for the possible cross-infection to unvaccinated people.

Hygiene measures

We under take regular daily cleaning practices that afford a hygienic, clean and tidy environment that is homely and comfortable.  After each client time is taken to remove used items; items are laundered after each client and other waste is bagged and placed in general waste.  We conduct risk assessment of each client, this is the consultation process, and ensures that you meet the legal requirements to provide a safe treatment.    We do not conduct the PCR or Lateral flow testing that the current Government suggests is conducted.  This is due to the high failure rates of these tests and therefore are of no sensible use to provide a safe therapy session.  Where there is skin to skin contact we do use, where necessary latex gloves, if you have an allergy to this product you must inform Deborah so this can be addressed.

We reserve the right to update this information at any time without giving notice.