Course fees and links - as applied to online media training platform, in person training is far more expensive and so at present unavailable.  here is a small administration fee payable for certifications.

There is nothing more rewarding than learning natural, holistic therapy to take great care of yourself, your family members, friends, and at professional qualification private clients.  Courses with Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy are the most affordable around, offer lifetime access, anywhere around the world as long there is an internet connection.  In relation to the internet 4G is the best level of cover needed - 5G is affected by the weather and if there are trees or other shrubs they  have to be destroyed too - so 5G is environmentally unfriendly.


Below is a menu of courses offered, and links that give the affordable pricing... enjoy your holistic therapy online shopping :)

  1. Introduction to body massage

  2. Professional Qualified Body massage - Swedish Style

  3. Professional Qualification Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  4. Energy healing with flower essences

  5. Mandatory training for holistic therapists

  6. Health and safety for Holistic therapist

  7. Return to work, Covid-19 current guidelines

  8. First aid for Holistic therapists

  9. Safeguarding vulnerable people for Holistic therapists

  10. Professional qualification Indian head massage

  11. Introduction to body massage

  12. Professional Qualified Body massage - Swedish Style

  13. Professional Qualification Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  14. Back massage with hot basalt, stone

  15. Professional Hopi Ear Candling course

  16. Domestic abuse and violence

  17. Level one Reiki

  18. Level two Reiki

  19. Level three Reiki

  20. Reiki Chakra Balance Healing Meditations, Healing Naturally

  21. Free A taste of Aromatherapy

  22. Level one Aromatherapy

  23. Level two Aromatherapy

  24. Level three Aromatherapy professional practitioner

  25. Free, first steps in Reflexology

  26. Level 1 Reflexology

  27. Level 2 Reflexology

  28. Level 3 Reflexology, professional practitioner

  29. Really Easy Yoga

  30. Homoeopathic Remedies for Acute condition

  31. Natural essential nutrition

  32. Sexual violence, rape and exploitation