Aromatherapy and Aromatic Essential oils

Aromatherapy is the art, science and practice of using aromatic, essential oils for their therapeutic benefits.  Aromatherapy is founded in ancient times and used by many different native tribes present in those times.  Aromatic oils contain tiny molecules of volatile oil that are known for their healing potentials.  These chemical molecules are inhaled through the nose and absorbed through olfactory nerves that directly access the brain and have direct affect upon the amygdala.  The amygdala is known as the emotional centre of the brain.  Also aromatic essential oils can be absorbed through the pores in the skin and enter the blood circulatory system.

The essential oils are collected from plant material through steam distillation and some other methods of extraction.  These essential oils are diluted before application to the skin and can be used in Massage, bathing, inhalation and in many areas of living a healthy life.



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