My Background


my names Deborah Casey and I am a fully qualified holistic therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, course creator and instructor.  I'm also a a retired nurse.  I began my practice in 1989 as a lay person incorporating Aromatherapy into daily health and well-being care for my family. 

I progressed onto training in massage therapies and now focus upon providing therapy services to Washington and surrounding areas.

I've encountered complex health issues in both my nursing career and my personal health and understand there is no one magic bullet to recovering and healing from injury or illness.  


My Approach

We operate a holistic philosophy; the one size fits all approach is obsolete!  We are individual with personal experiences of our health and well-being.

A holistic approach takes account of your mind, body, spirit.  We are our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and under it all our spirit seeks to be heard.  Each of the therapy modalities offered provides a holistic approach 

Therapy is multi-faceted, supporting Mind, Body, Soul.  As such we provide a short free consultation.  The consultation is private, information gathered is confidential. 

The consultation is a legal requirement and ensures that your treatment is safe, effective and tailor made to meet your needs. 

Chronic and long term issues will require a treatment plan guided by your needs.  Acute issues may only require one or two treatments sessions to ease problems.  But a health maintenance plan will ensure optimal health and well-being.

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