Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy Group

Providing global online training and educational services

We offer interest courses in:


  • Holistic therapy and Massage

  • Reiki training; all three levels including sharing Reiki with pets 

  • Professional Education and training approved by the IICT 


Professional Membership to:

  • British Reiki Organisation

  • British Holistic Therapy Organisation

Successful students completing all course criteria can access to professional therapist indemnity insurance with our partner insurers for students in the UK and at present the EU.










Hi and welcome to the Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy education and training platform

My names Deborah Casey and I'm a qualified holistic therapist in the modalities I share with you.  I’ve over two decades of experience in the modalities that I practice.  I am the founder of Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy; the business name arose from working in one of the most stressful areas of health and social care. 

The courses shared on this platform are comprehensive in that the cover professional standards for holistic therapists all the way through to aftercare of a client.  The courses are for interest purposes and anyone who wants to learn holistic therapy will enjoy the courses. 

The courses are also approved with the IICT and so should you wish to learn, train and educate yourself to become a professional qualified holistic therapist in a specific area these courses will help you with that.  You can use the courses to support and supplement any in class learning programme you are currently undertaking. 

You can actually gain a recognised qualification from us.  For this students are required to complete various assignments and submit for assessment.  There is a requirement to attend training days for which other fees are required and separate to the platform; we aim to keep this fee as affordable as possible to the students pocket but please enquire about this.  Other fees would include travel, lodgings and other sundries that are not covered by us.  The fee will include your professional qualification that allows you to practice as a therapist in your given modality.

Disclaimer:  Please note these courses are provided as is.  They do not provide, nor do they replace, seeking medical advice, investigation, treatment or referral to other health specialists.  If you believe you have any medical concerns or conditions it is YOUR responsibility to seek qualified professional help and care from a qualified, licensed, health professional.

Office hours:

Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm closed 1pm to 2pm.  All communication is currently through email.

So let’s dive into learning and doing…


Deborah Casey

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